Our team members describe themselves as:


We are excited by the day’s challenges. We are creative problem solvers who are not discouraged by daunting jobs because we believe every problem has a solution. When an issue arises, we proactively address it. It may not be our fault, but it is our problem to help solve.


We invest in the wellbeing of people. When we conduct maintenance, we aren’t simply inspecting a building, we are caring for someone’s home. Every tenant receives equal care and quality service regardless of who they are or where they live. They deserve dignity, privacy, and respect.


No one else is coming when a tenant has a problem in the middle of the night. We’re the phone call. We may not always have an immediate solution to a problem, but we are 100% committed to finding the best possible solution. We never leave tenants or team members hanging but work until the job is done.

Work With a Great Team Every Day


Make Someone’s Day

We know that a person’s wellbeing is directly affected by where and what kind of house they live in. It’s draining to live in a home that prevents you from living the life you want. We give people an elevated sense of vitality by leasing them new boutique apartments in the Ottawa neighbourhoods they cherish. We manage them in such a way that our tenants experience relief from housing related stress and live with a vibrant sense of community belonging. People thrive and neighbourhoods blossom when homes are a source of strength.

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Elevate Your Career!

Our priorities are clear. We know what it takes to reach our goals. You will go far in our company if you can see yourself doing the following things on a daily basis:

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Be Positive

We keep a smile on our face and always try to remain positive. We have an upbeat and optimistic attitude and are focused on investing in the wellbeing of our tenants. We don’t engage in cynical conversations or gossip but instead offer hope and encouragement even in the toughest of circumstances.

Be Proactive

We regularly visit and review our properties so problems can be avoided before they happen. Managing real estate is about more than maintaining building integrity—it’s about proactively investing in our tenants’ lives by caring for their homes and business.


We know our roles and responsibilities and how they affect the entire team. Timely communication is one of the most important parts of our job. We consult and inform the right people at the right time during every project.