Our team members describe themselves as:


We come to work each day wanting to deepen our relationships. Our tenants feel comfortable directly approaching our team members with their concerns because they are treated with dignity.


We are self-motivated learners who come to work each day hungry to reach our goals. We can answer any question about our industry, competition, and the neighbourhoods we rent apartments in.


We come to work each day seeking ways to help our team succeed. We are more concerned with our customer’s success than our own status or recognition.

Work With a Great Team Every Day


Make Someone’s Day

We know that a person’s wellbeing is directly affected by where and what kind of house they live in. It’s draining to live in a home that prevents you from living the life you want. We give people an elevated sense of vitality by leasing them new boutique apartments in the Ottawa neighbourhoods they cherish. We manage them in such a way that our tenants experience relief from housing related stress and live with a vibrant sense of community belonging. People thrive and neighbourhoods blossom when homes are a source of strength.

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Elevate Your Career!

Our priorities are clear. We know what it takes to reach our goals. You will go far in our company if you can see yourself doing the following things on a daily basis:

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Take on research

We immerse ourselves in the local community, study, and build relationships with tenants so we can understand what our tenants want and why they want it.

Track Data

We meticulously track and share key performance data in the spirit of cheering each other on, improving customer experience, and maximizing our performance.

always be closing

We never leave a sales conversation open-ended. We strive to ensure each client interaction gets us one step closer to finding the perfect home for every client.